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NASA’s Mars rover is attaining stress sending awareness back again all over again


There is no peace for NASA’s Mars rover specialists. The Curiosity rover is battling with an condition that is halting it from beaming science and engineering awareness saved in its memory back again all over again to Earth.

The difficulties original cropped up in excessive of the weekend, prompting engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to analyze the induce and achievable fixes. NASA states it may perhaps perhaps be a when prior to it can figure out out what is using spot.

‘Because the sum of awareness coming down is limited, it may perhaps perhaps just get some time for the engineering workforce to diagnose the difficulties,’ Curiosity project scientist Ashwin Vasavada wrote in a Wednesday mission update. The rover is in any other scenario ‘healthy and responsive,’ he described.


The rover is ordinarily geared up to produce back again all over again similarly saved and real-time awareness when it talks with Earth. The real-time awareness, which involve rover standing facts, is working amazing. Saved awareness, nevertheless, is just not acquiring transmitted. JPL engineers are escalating the standing details the rover sends back again all over again in real-time to permit with the evaluation.

NASA may perhaps most likely end up switching to the rover’s backup laptop computer or laptop or computer in acquire to ferret out what is using spot with the most crucial laptop computer or laptop or computer. In the meantime, Curiosity’s science features are on hiatus.

NASA has seasoned its fingers complete with Mars rovers lately. The Opportunity rover has been silent simply because June when it went into hibernation in the study course of a big global dust storm.

Curiosity has been making an attempt to drill all about its website at the Vera Rubin Ridge, but encountered a sequence of rocks that are too hard to crack. The rover workforce was making ready to ask for out a new rock emphasis on when the awareness difficulties cropped up.

NASA has a amazing keep track of report of coming up with treatments to issues with Curiosity. The enterprise has the right way conquer all the matters from a memory glitch in 2013 to a balky drill earlier this year. That indicates the rover is in amazing fingers in the study course of this most modern mission complication.

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